How to Critique Acting?

Answer Are you a judge? Maybe the director? Or a friend of an actor?

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How to Write a Critique on Something?

Critiques can be written on everything --- from an article to a book. They are meant to analyze carefully the work of an author and to provide your opinion on it. Using evidence from the work and u... Read More »

Photo critique?

first off let me say they are dramatic and I think you have a natural talent. I want to use the two people in front of a window as my comp background. You are really good... I am impressed these ar... Read More »

How to Critique Artwork?

An art critique is an evaluation of a work of art. While it is true that artistic taste is relative, there are certain characteristics of artwork that can be assessed as a means of measuring the ar... Read More »

How to Critique a Speech?

Speeches occur in classrooms, competitions, organizations, corporations, and politics. They are meant to both educate us and to persuade us. Instead of taking everything you hear at face value, it ... Read More »