How to Criticize Tactfully?

Answer Sometimes you need to let people know that something about them is just ""off"". Your boyfriends new jeans, your best friends weird body odour, your dads habit of making racist jokes. It can cause ... Read More »

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People don't criticize artists for paint on canvases, why do people criticize girls for makeup on faces?

That's like saying every girl is capable of being an artist! And if it looks like someone painted on a canvas, but instead it was a face... well then you just look like a clown.I think it is becaus... Read More »

How to Tactfully Ask Emotional Questions?

How do you know if someone likes you, wants to date more often, wants to be exclusive, feels the same way you do? Ask the person... with tact.

How to Tactfully Handle a Racist Boss?

The modernist lifestyle we lead today, requires a more civilized manner in dealing with racist people. Even though we live in a free society with democratic principles and laws, there are a multitu... Read More »

How to Tactfully Ask Someone You Love to Stop Behaving Immaturely?

As much as you’d like to just walk away from the situation, confronting immature behavior from a loved one can be both infuriating and frustrating. Typically you are caught in a social situation ... Read More »