How to Crimp Your Hair With Braids?

Answer Crimp your hair by wet braiding it. This method only works on hair long enough to braid. Those with shorter hair should use a crimping iron. When your hair is wet and forced to dry in a particular ... Read More »

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How to Crimp Your Hair with a Straightener?

Crimping is when the hair has many small, sharp waves from the root to tip. While there are many crimping styling tools available in beauty stores or online, if you don't want to make the investmen... Read More »

How to Crimp Your Hair With a Flat Iron?

Crimped hairstyles have stepped out of the 1980s and into the present day. Many popular modern styles feature crimped hair or select sections of hair with the zigzagged look, adding texture and int... Read More »

How to Braid Your Hair in Individual Braids With Fake Hair?

Many women get hair extensions to give their hair a fuller, thicker look. Hair extensions can be placed into your hair by gluing, sewing or bonding. There are three different types of hair you can... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Curly with Conditioner and Braids?

Curling your hair by braiding it is healthier than using a hot curling iron or rollers, and less time consuming if you're already adept at braiding your hair. Applying a conditioner beforehand will... Read More »