How to Crimp F Connectors on an RG6 Quad?

Answer Crimping F connectors to the end of the RG-6 coaxial cables is a necessary skill and task when creating custom coaxial runs. Whether performing satellite, cable or digital audio runs, crimping the ... Read More »

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How to Crimp D-Sub Connectors?

D-sub connectors are pin-style, commonly found on wire harness cabling. These connectors are normally then inserted into a connector shell. The crimping process for a D-sub connector isn't tough, b... Read More »

How to Use Crimp Electrical Connectors?

Electrical crimp connectors can be used in instances where solder connections are not possible or are inconvenient. Electrical crimp connectors provide a mechanical as well as an electrical connect... Read More »

Cable Prep Instructions for BNC Crimp Connectors?

A Bayonet Neill-Concelman connector is commonly referred to as a "BNC connector"; it is a locking connector used in a variety of professional audio and higher-end consumer audio/video applications.... Read More »

Core 2 Quad Q9xxx With Quad Core Technology?

When semiconductor company Intel Corp. introduced the Core 2 as its latest premier brand of consumer-oriented processors on July 27, 2006, it split the family into three divisions: the Core 2 Solo,... Read More »