How to Create the Most Popular Clique in School?

Answer Let's all just admit it... EVERYBODY wanted and wants to be popular at school. We all had or have that popular girl/boy who had the best parties, the coolest friends and basically a majority of the... Read More »

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How to Run the Most Popular Clique in School?

Do you want to start a clique that everyone will remember? Or if you already have one, turn yours into the hottest topic in the school hallways? Read this guide to find out how!

Who's the "Popular Clique" at your school?

all the ones who wear nice clothes and just talk about other ppl, are hyper and often stupid or at least act like it.

How to Create the It Clique of Your School?

You probably read zillons of articles in wikiHow on how to be popular, but they don't tell you everything you need. Here's the guide to popular, pretty, and fashionable.

How to Have the Most Glam Worthy Clique in School?

Aren't you fed up with those dull cliques in your school? Well start a new era of cliques with these tips!