How to Create the Best Character for "Dragon Age: Origins"?

Answer Evil is surging up from subterranean depths and only a small group of warriors stand in its way. "Dragon Age: Origin" is an epic fantasy game that has you stepping into the boots of one of those he... Read More »

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How to Transfer Your Character to "Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening"?

"Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening" is the expansion to the "Dragon Age: Origins" video game created for Windows, PS3 and Xbox 360 by BioWare. What sets this game apart from other video games is the ... Read More »

How to Harden Alistair on "Dragon Age: Origins"?

"Dragon Age: Origins" is a fantasy, role-playing video game. Players control a team of adventures on their quest to rid their homeland of a monstrous horde. Each of the characters has his own perso... Read More »

How to Defeat the Archdemon in Dragon Age Origins?

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How to Get the Champion Talent in "Dragon Age: Origins"?

"Dragon Age: Origins" is a traditional hack and slash role-playing game. In it, players take on the role of a Gray Warden, a warrior whose responsibility it is to combat the periodic uprisings of t... Read More »