How to Create on Doodle Devil?

Answer In the puzzle games "Doodle God" and "Doodle God 2," you help Doodle God create his world and universe by combining elements to make reactions that create new elements. In the game "Doodle Devil," ... Read More »

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What are all the combinations on Doodle Devil?

Elements Metal = Fire + Stone Air = Human + Apple Steam = Water + Fire/Water + Lava Ash = Fire + Tree/Fire + House/Light + Vampire/Fire + Book/Fire + Beast Earth = Human + Apple Energy = Fire ... Read More »

What are all the elements in doodle devil?

Nature Air = Starting element Ash = Fire + House Earth = Starting element Energy = Air + Fire Fire = Starting element Lava = Earth + Fire Metal = Stone + Fire Steam = Water + Fire Stone = ... Read More »

What are all of the combinations you get in doodle devil?

What are all the combinations in order on doodle devil?

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