How to Create and Manage Microsoft Windows User Profiles With a Linux Server?

Answer Samba has made running a Windows domain with a Linux server a reality but there are a few drawbacks. Samba is usually a bit behind the most current version of Windows Server but there are a few too... Read More »

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In windows server 2003, there are multiple profiles for as single user, can anyone explain how is it possible?

There are several reasons.1. The user may have a local account and domain account.2. If the profile got damaged, Windows creates a second profile. It may look like "user1.bak" or something like tha... Read More »

How to Move User Profiles From One Terminal Server to Another?

Terminal Server is an application that lets network administrators remotely control and manage computers. Since you save your profile to the server, you don't need to set up the connection each tim... Read More »

Which network operating system is better: Linux Ubuntu or Microsoft Windows 2003 Server?

I am surprised that anyone can answer your question with this little information, as this is not possible. It mostly depends on the role that the server will perform, what other servers and service... Read More »

How to Create Your Own Microsoft Windows Vista User Account Pictures?

The Microsoft Windows Vista operating system allows users to customize a variety of options pertaining to system functions, from which programs run at startup to the visual effects that display whe... Read More »