How to Create and Design Your Own Faberge Egg from a Real Egg?

Answer This a great way for giving away presents or just put them around your house. People that see them will be very impressed.

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Where are the real Faberge eggs located?

Russian artisan Peter Carl Faberge crafted more than 50 of his famous jeweled eggs. Some appear in the Kremlin's Armory Museum and Washington, D.C.'s Hillwood Museum. Britain's Royal Family owns Fa... Read More »

Who did faberge create eggs for?

Faberge created eggs for Czar Alexander III as an annual Easter gift for his wife, Maria Fedorovna. Upon the Czar's death, Faberge continues to create the eggs for Czar Nicholas II to present to hi... Read More »

Who did Faberge create his eggs for?

The House of Faberge, a prestigious jewelry maker founded by Gustav Faberge, created 50 exquisite jeweled Easter eggs for the Russian Czar and his family between 1885 and 1916. The jeweler also mad... Read More »

What royal family did Faberge create the egg for?

While Faberge made many jeweled eggs between 1885 and 1917, the first egg was crafted for the Russian royal family. In 1885, Czar Alexander III requested Russian jeweler Peter Carl Faberge to creat... Read More »