How to Create and Design Experiments?

Answer You can take any topic you are interested in and make it into a strong science experiment through following the steps of the scientific method. But designing your own experiment can be confusing. A... Read More »

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How to Design Psychology Experiments?

While similar in form to science experiments, psychology experiments require a great deal more care, as these experiments often require the use of live subjects and, in some cases, people. By caref... Read More »

How to Plan & Design Experiments?

An effective experiment answers a question about the topic you are studying, although it will almost certainly create more questions. It uses the scientific method and is straightforward to carry o... Read More »

How to Design Experiments: What Is the Control?

When setting up a science experiment, the "control" is the portion of the experiment that does not change from trial to trial. It is also referred to as a "constant" for this reason. It is the data... Read More »

How to Design Laboratory Experiments?

In the last few centuries scientific understanding has grown by leaps and bounds due to use of the scientific method and laboratory experimentation. Designing laboratory experiments is an important... Read More »