How to Create and Call PHP Functions?

Answer Perhaps you have learned the basics of writing PHP scripts. But sometimes your code may be long and repetitive. PHP functions are a flexible and easy way to consolidate code. This tutorial will you... Read More »

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How to Call PHP Functions With jQuery?

The jQuery library provides the ability to asynchronously issue an HTTP POST request, for example to call a PHP function in an external file. To call a PHP function using jQuery, you need to create... Read More »

How to Create a Lego Power Functions Car?

By following the following steps, you can create your own LEGO Power Functions Car.

How to Create Pictures With Math Functions?

Pictures of mathematical functions are referred to as graphs. Graphs can be constructed in two-dimension with an x and y axis or in three-dimension with an x, y and z axis. Assuming a two-dimension... Read More »

How to Create a Graph Using Linear Functions & Inequalities?

Linear functions are functions where the value of y depends on some function of x, or y = f (x). Linear functions create a straight line when plotted on a graph. They also obey the following rules:... Read More »