How to Create and Apply Master Page in an Adobe FrameMaker Document?

Answer All FrameMaker documents consist of body pages, reference pages, and master pages. These pages are automatically created whenever you create a new FrameMaker document. Body pages contain the conten... Read More »

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How to Create Paragraph Tags in Adobe Framemaker?

Paragraph formats or paragraph tags in Adobe FrameMaker are what let you spice up those otherwise boring and dull documents. That is, a paragraph tag helps you define the formatting properties (fon... Read More »

How do I attach a multi-page Adobe Acrobat document to an Excel document?

Insert a PDF Object into ExcelIn Microsoft Excel, click in the area of the spreadsheet where you want to insert a PDF. Click "Insert" and select "Object." In the Create New tab of the Object dialog... Read More »

How to Delete One Page in a Multiple-Page PDF Document in Adobe Reader?

PDF documents are often used to share information. A lot of business and home computers are able to open and view files that are saved in a PDF format. These documents are created by using the prog... Read More »

How do I add a page to a pre-existing Adobe Reader document?

Combine Two PDFsOpen the pre-existing Adobe Reader document that you want to either add a new page to or join with another pre-existing PDF. On the menu toolbar, select the menu titled "Document." ... Read More »