How to Create and Add a Gif Icon for Your Website?

Answer You ever wonder how to create a .gif image and use it as an icon in the top left corner for your html website? Read more to find out how.

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How do I add a website icon to the browser address bar?

Use PaintCreate a simple 16x16 pixel image in Paint. Save your Paint document with a .ico file extension in the folder that contains all your website information.Use Favicon ProgramsUse a free prog... Read More »

How to Get the Little Picture Icon at the Top of the Address Bar for Your Website?

A favicon is a small image that appears next to the site's name in the address bar and next to the site's name in the user's bookmark menu on many browsers. It helps a website stand out and builds ... Read More »

How to Create a Buddy Icon?

Have you ever wanted to create an AIM Buddy Icon that was your own work? Well, now you can! Read on.

How to Create an Invisible Icon?

An invisible icon allows you to effectively hide a folder on your computer. Once hidden, fill the folder with important documents and files that you want no one to access. The procedure for making ... Read More »