How to Create an Initiation Test?

Answer Have you got a club and just don't want to take people in without getting to know them better? Well, read on for the a-z on an initiation test.

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Sorority Initiation Gifts?

The decision to join a sorority is a huge one that many collegiate women make each year. Women who have reached initiation day have been through a lot to get there. Before a woman can officially jo... Read More »

Fraternity Initiation Ideas?

Pledging a fraternity requires developing a sense of trust and friendship with your future brothers. The pledging process ends with an initiation that may challenge you to prove your commitment to ... Read More »

What do they do at a crip initiation?

They Go around And have to kill 31 women of any age and its only on halloweenThat's wrong. It's just a rumor.

Are union initiation fees tax deductible?

Expenses related to initiation in a union are tax deductible. All fees to a union are deductible except for fees related to gaining benefits, such as health insurance, pensions and some lobbying an... Read More »