How to Create an Inexpensive Shower Enclosure for an Old Fashioned Bathtub?

Answer Typically, an old-fashioned claw footed tub is converted to a tub-shower combination with an expensive store bought contraption. However, you can accomplish the same thing quite simply, with some w... Read More »

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I need to drill some holes in ceramic tile to mount safety bars in a bathtub enclosure. Any suggestions?

Used to do it all the time.Mark out your holes, then use a small hammer and a nail (like a finish nail) and tap the spot to drill. The point of the nail will make a small chip in the face of the ti... Read More »

How to Choose a Freestanding Shower Enclosure?

Building a new house or simply remodeling your home can be overwhelming. You have to make critical decisions in a timely manner, and you don't want to make costly mistakes. It's important to think ... Read More »

How do I Install a Self Contained Shower Enclosure?

Showers were not always the luxurious experience that they are today. Once called the "stand-up bath," showers started not in the bathroom, but in rivers and waterfalls. They were replaced in the h... Read More »

How do I paint a fiberglass shower enclosure?

PreparationRemove any hardware: shower doors, faucet covers, soap holders and drain screens. Scrape out any caulking around the edges of the shower. Stuff a rag snugly in the drain hole to protect ... Read More »