How to Create an Imaginative Map?

Answer For thousands of years, people around the world have used maps as a method to chart new places and find their way. You can create your own map in an imaginative way for school projects, added enric... Read More »

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How to Create a Map for an Imaginative School Project?

Asking students to make their own maps for an imaginative school project is a creative way to get them to reflect on previous lessons and write thoughtful commentary. This project works best with ... Read More »

How to Create a Weird, Imaginative Creature?

Ever wanted your own creature that only you know about and that you can keep it in your imagination for ever? Now you can with a few simple steps.

How to Be Imaginative?

Imaginative can be defined as artistic, dreamy, fanciful, fictive, ingenious, original, poetic... Anyone being imaginative can enjoy life at all events--all it takes a freedom of mind.

Imaginative Writing Activities?

Imaginative writing activities are in large part designed to provoke student creativity. You can use any number of avenues to make a kid's mind flow with ideas. Free writing and play-acting are jus... Read More »