How to Create an Imaginary Child?

Answer If you are going to imagine a person, how about imagining a child?  This is a good imaginative exercise!

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How to Create an Imaginary Computer?

A computer can be really fun. If you can't use your computer for days, use your imagination. Children love their imagination no matter what goes on in art.

How to Create an Imaginary Land?

An Imaginary Land is a place where you can build anything that you want in miniature size. It is similar to a fairy garden, but has almost no connection with magic. This article will help you build... Read More »

How to Create an Imaginary Place?

These steps don't only teach you how to create your own imaginary world/land, but also how to bring them into the real world.

How to Create an Imaginary Lover?

Have you ever wanted to have someone who loved you no matter what? They are perfect in every way? You can! And you can do everything with them in stories that you write, or they can go with you in ... Read More »