How to Create an Image Map Using Gimp?

Answer You can dress up your website or personal start page with an image map with your favorite sites that you like to visit. There is a lot of software that you can do it, but this article will use Gimp.

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How to Create an Animated GIF Image with GIMP?

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How can I resize an image on GIMP without the image going blurry?

To resize a small image to a larger image without distortion, the smaller image must be a very high quality image. That means the smaller image needs to be made at a DPI of at least 300 DPI. Prett... Read More »

How to Colorsplash an Image Using GIMP?

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How to Slice an Image With Gimp?

If you need to work with a graphics image of design that someone else has given you, it helps if the major elements of the image are on separate layers. This will make it easier for you to make cha... Read More »