How to Create an Epic Hero?

Answer So you want to write the best new Iliad or Odyssey. You want to make your own Achilles. Maybe your hero is going to slay a terrible beast or win a nation by killing the evil leader. Your hero has i... Read More »

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What are the six traits of an epic hero?

Who is the hero in Homer's epic during Trojan war?

That would depend on which epic you are refering to. The hero of the Odyssey is Odysseus but there are multiple heroes in the Illiad, many of whom die as the story unfolds. The work focuses on Ach... Read More »

How to Write a Epic Final Battle Hero Vs Villain?

The final climatic battle between the Hero and the Villain is a huge turning point in any story and this article will show you all the elements to a true final battle.

How to Create an Epic Range Pure?

Welcome! This guide will tell you how to create an "epic" range pure. Please remember that this guide may not be up to date if you read it in the future.