How to Create an English Garden?

Answer Creating an English garden is not a hard task. The thing you need to care about is that the plants in English garden needs more care.

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How to Set up an English Garden?

Thought to date back to the time of Roman occupation, the English garden has been a feature of many landscapes for centuries. It has evolved over the years into a distinct style of garden; knowing ... Read More »

English Garden Ideas?

English gardens are typically large, winding and---to an extent---enclosed. They can feature a variety of plants, including colorful flowers, vines, fruits and vegetables. While more traditional-st... Read More »

English Cottage Garden Flowers?

The Colorado State University Cooperative Extension suggests that cottage gardens started in England in the 16th century with farm laborers and tenants cultivating small areas of land near their ho... Read More »

How to Create a No Dig Garden?

Why do it the hard way?Do away with weed-infested areas the easy way. Make new flower/veggie beds in areas of poor soil by building it up. You can even skip weeding or sod removal. No Digging!