How to Create an Elephant Mixed With Other Animals in Photoshop?

Answer One of the intriguing ideas from ancient times and mythology was the concept of an animal with mixed parts from several animals. While the griffin might never have existed, thanks to Adobe Photosho... Read More »

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How do river otters interact with other animals?

River otters have inhabited the earth and interacted with other animals and humans for millions of years, and their fossils date to the Pleistocene Era. Their population is recovering after a 20th ... Read More »

What are vegetarians views on animals eating other animals?

Animals are animals and their actions for the most part are dictated by neccesity for survival. From eating to sleeping to sheltering to sex, the main drive and purpose is for a species to preserve... Read More »

Animals kill other animals for food, so why shouldn’t we?

I totally agree with you that anyone can live meat free. I also agree with the ethics of it all.I am a vegetarian and have been since I made the choice when I was about 3 years old. I grew up in ... Read More »

As animals ourselves, were we meant to eat other animals?

Animals weren't meant to be kept in tiny cages, abused and tortured and raised for food, I know that much.And until you're physically capable of running after an animal, catching it with your bare ... Read More »