How to Create an Array of Objects in PHP?

Answer Creating an array of objects in PHP can be useful for a number of things. An array in PHP can be described as an "ordered map", and can be used with a wide range of data types. Using arrays with ob... Read More »

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Java- array of objects?

Ok, mostly what you need to do is decide what information needs to be stored for each state. You create a class named State just as the example below shows a Bicycle class, except that the State cl... Read More »

How to Create an Array With RAID 5?

A RAID array is a collection of hard drives connected using a hardware controller and software into a single drive. RAID 5 arrays connect three or more drives, saving your data across the drives in... Read More »

How to Create Associative Array in PHP?

In PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, an associate array is one that associates any index with a value. This differs from a numerically indexed array, where PHP automatically assigns a numbered index ... Read More »

In Java, how would I create an array of 10 random integers between 1 and 100?

TAKWAS, your code will create bunch of errors. Here's the correct code:import java.util.*;public class random {public static void main(String[] args) {Random random = new Random();int[] rArray = ne... Read More »