How to Create an Arch With Wood?

Answer The most durable arches, including door and window transoms, are created by bending and gluing thin strips of wood together around an arched form. When enough pieces are added to the form, the arch... Read More »

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How to Create a Driveway Arch in Sims 2?

An arch makes your house more unique than just dumping a driveway or garage next to it. Here is how to create a driveway arch in Sims 2.

How to Create a Faux Wood Finish With Wood Stain?

Faux wood finishes add an organic element to manufactured surfaces. Vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass doors and windows are good candidates for a faux wood grain finish using gel-type stains. The fini... Read More »

How Do I Create Wood Floors in a Cargo Van?

The natural state of a cargo van is a bare, sheet-metal floor. Long, thin strips are punched into the sheet-metal floor lengthwise so that when you brush your hand from one wheel well to the other,... Read More »

How to Arch a Man's Eyebrows?

Groomed eyebrows aren't reserved for females anymore. According to the New York Times, eyebrow stylists in cities like New York are seeing business among men tripling. You don't have to go to a sty... Read More »