How to Create an Animated Rock Band?

Answer Have you ever wanted to make an animated rock band. Well now you can! read the simple steps below and you'll be rocking out in less than a day to your own made up band!

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How to Create an Awesome Rock Band?

Arcadia, a rock bandDo you love rock music and wish you could play like your favorite bands(or create a unique sound all your own)? It's not that hard; it just requires luck and talent(talent you c... Read More »

Can you create your own rock band songs on the Wii?

If you are in a band or work for a music studio or label representing bands, you can add custom Rock Band songs to Rock Band's in-game store through the Rock Band Network. These tracks can then be ... Read More »

How to Create a Rock Band at School?

You don't know anything about starting a rock band but you promised you friends you would... HERE'S THE ARTICLE FOR YOU!

Just for fun, create a name for a rock band using the names of people in R&P?

The Lemony Peaches(Lemony Lickit+Killer Peaches)The Electric Eel Reckoning(The Reckoning+Electric Eel)Dive Into A Holy River Of Ale(Dive Into A Holy River+Ale)Silver Rose Rckets(Siver Rose Wolf+Rck... Read More »