How to Create an Album in Photoshop Elements?

Answer The first image in the albumAn album made in Elements can help you order your images so that you can use them in projects or share them with others.  Elements allows you to export them to Photosho... Read More »

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How do i create .png file in photoshop elements?

Save For WebCreate or open an image in "Elements" and go to "File>Save For Web."PNG-8 or PNG-24Consider the subject of the image when deciding which file format to use. For full-color photos, you w... Read More »

How to Create Album Templates in Photoshop?

Though scrapbooking is often completed with bits of colored paper from the craft store, you can make your own templates of your next vacation, family reunion or any other scrapbooking album in Phot... Read More »

How do i create a dvd case insert in photoshop elements 6?

Select the photos(s) you want to use on the DVD jacket from the Elements Organizer and click the "Create" tab located in the top right area of the screen. A menu will open; select "More Options" an... Read More »

How to Create an Avatar Using Photoshop Elements?

A final avatarAn avatar can represent you without letting people know exactly what you look like. Photoshop Elements allows you to do that very easily. Read on to learn how to do it.