How to Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Classroom?

Answer As a teacher, you probably realize that your classroom is a reflection of yourself. When parents, students, other educators and administrators enter your domain, they form their first impression of... Read More »

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How to Have a Pleasing Personality?

Although there's no such thing as "the pleasing personality", there are a few things which could help in moving in that direction. Always remember: what's pleasing to you may be repulsive to anothe... Read More »

How do I make my living space visually pleasing without being fully eliminated?

Sounds like you need colorful accessories and some appropriately placed accent lighting. Put your lights on a dimmer so you feature areas without a blaze of light and maybe add some undercounter l... Read More »

Does anyone have any great, easy, crowd pleasing appetizer recipes for holiday parties?

What about Rumaki? You can use chicken liver (or chicken if you HATE liver lol) - then you cube the meat and with each little cube, you add a slice from a water chestnut. Wrap it with bacon (maybe ... Read More »

How to Create Engagement in the Classroom?

One of the most difficult and important parts of teaching students is to maintain classroom engagement in learning activities. Students who become bored are more likely to act out, and less likely ... Read More »