How to Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Classroom?

Answer As a teacher, you probably realize that your classroom is a reflection of yourself. When parents, students, other educators and administrators enter your domain, they form their first impression of... Read More »

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How to Have a Pleasing Personality?

Although there's no such thing as "the pleasing personality", there are a few things which could help in moving in that direction. Always remember: what's pleasing to you may be repulsive to anothe... Read More »

How do I make my living space visually pleasing without being fully eliminated?

Sounds like you need colorful accessories and some appropriately placed accent lighting. Put your lights on a dimmer so you feature areas without a blaze of light and maybe add some undercounter l... Read More »

Does anyone have any great, easy, crowd pleasing appetizer recipes for holiday parties?

What about Rumaki? You can use chicken liver (or chicken if you HATE liver lol) - then you cube the meat and with each little cube, you add a slice from a water chestnut. Wrap it with bacon (maybe ... Read More »

How do I create a classroom brochure?

Gather InformationCreate a list of interview questions about upcoming activities or events in the classroom. Gather the information that you need from your classmates and the teacher. Use paper an... Read More »