How to Create an Admin Account on a Library Computer?

Answer In this wikiHow tutorial, you will learn to create a new administrative account on a library computer or school computer.

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I have accidently overwritten my admin account onto a less accessible account.?

Only from the admin account, and you will need the password, unless there was never an admin password. is it XP? If so, then go into safe mode, and use the admin account from there.

My Admin account isn't working?

If you're using windows, which I assume you are, try going into safe mode and there should be an admin account. Log into it and restore your computer

Could I pay to use a Wikipedia admin account?

$100? That might be too low. Admin sock farmers would probably want more like $1,000. After all, grooming an admin account is a lot of hard work, involving a lot of brown-nosing. Or maybe if it's j... Read More »

How do I Remove a Hidden Windows Admin Account on XP Pro?

When you install Windows XP on a computer, the setup program adds a built-in administrator account. This administrator account allows users to make changes to the computer profile, add or delete us... Read More »