How to Create an AIM Page?

Answer AIM is now one of the most popular ways to chat on line. Millions of people across the world want an AIM page, or have one. Follow these simple steps, and you will easily be one of those people!

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How to Create a Landing Page for a Facebook Fan Page?

To create a landing page on your Facebook fan page, you will have to install Facebook's FBML app. FBML is a simplified HTML code designed for Facebook that allows you to design a page as you would ... Read More »

How to Create a Pop-Up Page?

A pop-up page, also known as a pop-up window, opens from another web page within a web browser. You can add JavaScript codes to your HTML to create the pop-up page. The JavaScript instructs the bro... Read More »

How to Create a Page Tab?

Creating a page tab in your Internet browser will allow you to open multiple web pages within a single browser window. This will reduce clutter in the task bar of your operating system such as Win... Read More »

How do i create a pdf of a web page?

Convert the web page of your choice to PDF format using one of several free online services. HTM2PDF is the fastest option, and also contains a "bookmarklet" to convert web pages directly from the ... Read More »