How to Create a .bat File to Batch Convert File Extensions?

Answer Batch files with a ".bat" file extension are specific to the MS-DOS operating system and its development into Windows. You can create and execute batch files wherever an MS-DOS prompt or Windows en... Read More »

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How to Create a text file through batch file.?

some more tricks:if u want to add a > in the text use ^>The same syntax for

How to Batch Rename File Extensions?

Knowing how to batch rename file extensions lets you change the way multiple files are opened and used without having to alter each file individually. Whether you've got a slew of text files you w... Read More »

How to create a batch file which will open up a website?

hi buddy,It is very simple.Open a notepad Type the followingstart iexplore the notepad as batch.bat and run itif you want to more sites repeat the same step again like...s... Read More »

How to Create a Recursive Batch File in Windows?

This prank opens up "explorer.exe" repeatedly until the computer runs out of memory. It Gets EXTREMELY annoying/scary, especially if it is in startup.