How to Create a Worksheet & an Embedded Chart?

Answer If you have several sets of data that could use a little organizing, then enter them into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Once you enter the data into the cells and columns of the spreadsheet -- als... Read More »

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How do i create a worksheet for a chart in excel?

Getting StartedOpen Excel. Under the File menu choose New. If you want to have labels on the chart to explain the data, choose the column to the left to enter the labels, typically Column A in the ... Read More »

How to Create a PDF With Embedded Fonts Using GSview?

Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files are supposed to be viewable and printable on every computer. However, some PDF files use fonts which are not included with the PDF file itself. This may c... Read More »

How to Create a Workbook With Embedded Macros?

Excel macros are sections of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code that reside in a workbook. You can replace a repetitive task like opening and formatting a document by creating a macro for tha... Read More »

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