How to Create a Wildflower Garden?

Answer Experts estimate that over 20,000 types of wildflowers, flowers that flourish in the wild without human intervention, exist in North America alone. Most wildflowers have natural bug repellants, str... Read More »

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How to Start a Wildflower Garden?

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How do i harvest seeds from a wildflower garden?

Preparatory StepsIdentify the species of wildflower in your garden. Using a marker, label one plastic bag for each species of flower from which you will be harvesting seeds. Closely monitor your fl... Read More »

How to Plant a Native Wildflower Garden With Plant Plugs?

2010 Perennial Plant of the Year Baptisia australis - Blue Wild IndigoNative wildflowers are easy and care free after they are established. They are beautiful and you can attract birds and butterfl... Read More »

How to Create a Box Garden?

A box garden is a garden that has all of the plants growing in containers. A box garden is sometimes used by people with mobility issues who can not bend over and kneel as you must in a traditional... Read More »