How to Create a Wikipedia Account?

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Should I create a wikipedia account?

No, don't do it. If you edit Wikipedia pages, most people won't be able to see your email or IP address. Most people. But there is a small, shadowy group called "Check User" that will be able to se... Read More »

How to Create an Account in Wikipedia?

Ever wanted to be more anonymous when editing Wikipedia? And be able to move pages, and have a Watch list? All this is possible by creating an account in Wikipedia, and this guide will help you do ... Read More »

Can someone create a Wikipedia account for me and give me the password too?

OK. Done it. The password is "346324262".

I'm Lost. How do i create an Article in Wikipedia I've an account but i have no Idea figuring it out. Please ?

How about you read help pages on that site before asking for help? :) See… .