How to Create a WiFi Network for iPod Touch?

Answer Create a Wi-Fi network connection in the Settings menu of your iPod touch. The touch can connect to any open wireless network, or to closed networks if you have the password. When you're within sig... Read More »

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My ipod touch wont connect to wifi at home, it says "unable to join network" why?……… see here

How to get wifi anywhere on ipod touch?

You can't. An ipod does not have the physical hardware to get cellular data. It only has wifi and wifi only works when connected to a router. If you want an ipod that gets internet everywhere, you ... Read More »

Can you block wifi from an ipod touch?

I can't see how you would do that but you might be able to if you jailbreak it.

Do you need wifi for the texting app on a 4g ipod touch?

Yes. All iPod Touch Texting Apps need Wifi to work.