How to Create a White to Black Gradient Background in 2007 Publisher?

Answer Microsoft Publisher, the desktop publishing and layout component of the Microsoft Office Suite, offers a slate of quick-start templates for newsletters, brochures, labels, cards and banners. One of... Read More »

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Is there a free alternative to publisher 2007 or a good software my class can use to create a website?

Well ... this is the solution ...You learn to programming , but I don't think this is your idea . :D:Dor try a website builder, a web service that lets you create your website or Web Content with ... Read More »

How to Change a Black Background in a Word Document to White?

Many people like to change the background or text color on their Word documents to make them more unique or to make them stand out. However, if you're looking to make a more professional document, ... Read More »

How to Make the Background Color Only Black & White in Photoshop?

Taking a picture isn't usually as simple and straight forward as "black and white," but the resulting photograph can be. No matter the colors, shades or hues captured on film, when you bring the im... Read More »

Wouldn't reading white text on black background be better for the eyes?

I remember in early grade school we had black chalk boards with white chalk.Then in the mid-60s they upgraded to green boards and yellow chalk because it was easier on the eyes.These days they see... Read More »