How to Create a Whimsical Garden?

Answer Whimsy may be described as an unusual and playful idea or concept. Therefore, a garden of whimsy should evoke a feeling of lighthearted uniqueness. There are many ways to add whimsy to a garden, an... Read More »

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How to Plant a Whimsical Garden?

The term "whimsical" is defined as lightly fanciful or playfully quaint, especially in an amusing way. Given this definition, a whimsical garden may include old-fashioned or nostalgic items, fantas... Read More »

How to Make Country Whimsical Hearts With Paint Shop Pro?

This tutorial will show the techniques used to make a graphic with the country weathered look all while using Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro.This tutorial assumes you are a novice and want to learn how... Read More »

How to Create an Eco Garden?

Creating an eco (ecological) garden is a major step in helping the environment and in reducing your environmental footprint. Choose organic methods for amending the soil, irrigation, and controllin... Read More »

How to Create a Zen Garden?

Making a beautiful Zen garden can be just as peaceful and fulfilling as having one. Such a refuge can be placed in nearly any space, ranging from large, sweeping gardens that encompass acres to tin... Read More »