How to Create a Volcano?

Answer Building a volcano is a simple and fun science project for young students. It is affordable, can be completed in a few minutes or an afternoon, and delivers satisfying results with every eruption.... Read More »

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How to Create a Mini Volcano?

a mini volcanoThis is an amazing experiment you can do with basically only 3 things. Amaze your friends with this, or get 1st prize at your nearest science fair!

How to Create a Volcano Eruption?

Real-life volcano eruptions are very dangerous and because of this, it is highly unlikely that you will get a chance to safely witness an eruption unless it is on television or on the Internet. How... Read More »

How to Make a Volcano?

An easy way to make a volcanic eruption. Great for a home science experiment or school project! Some of this you don't need like this dirt.

How to Build a Volcano?

Watching hot lava spew out of a volcano is fascinating. A fun science experiment is to build a volcano using household products. You can make a simple volcano by using a plastic bottle, vinegar and... Read More »