How to Create a VHS Tape from a Video File?

Answer Have you ever wanted to put your own home made not pirated or not copyright protected movies onto a VHS to show your friends?

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How do I create a Flash video file?

Convert VideoConvert an existing video file into an FLV. Download and install a video converter program. Run the program and change the ouput setting to FLV. Press "Convert." The Flash video file w... Read More »

How do I transfer a video from tape to dvd?

It depends on the tape and your computer.Since we have no detail on either, the easy way is to pay someone to do that for you. There may be a "video transfer service" near you - or ask a local wedd... Read More »

How to Transfer Tape From Video Camera to CDs?

Videotapes were introduced to the consumer market in the 1970s. The format revolutionized the entertainment market by allowing viewers to bring movies into their homes to watch on their own time. T... Read More »

Can I create a movie file from a powerpoint presentation file?

you can do it with Macromedia flash must install a pwd to fla (or swf ) convertor import your flash file after converting then you can publish (file >publish settings) a video fi... Read More »