How to Create a Universal Language Project?

Answer Esperanto has obviously failed to create a universal language, and though everyone needs to have a good ground in English in today's world, we're still quite limited in global communication. Unfort... Read More »

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How to create this pattern in C language (simple C language)?

How is engineering drawing a universal language?

Engineering drawings are a universal language because they are understood the world over, and used to convey information from one person to another like writing or speaking. The difference is that ... Read More »

Why is photography the most universal language?

A photo usually requires no language, so no matter what language you speak you can look at a photo and know what it 'says', without having to read, hear, or speak a single word. That may also be ho... Read More »

Figurative Language Project Ideas?

The creative use of figurative language can make a bland poem energetic. Figurative Language projects begin with learning the figures of speech, including metaphors, similes, personification, allit... Read More »