How to Create a Unique Ride on a Skateboard?

Answer This article is nominated for The Unique People Project.We improve articles centered on personal uniqueness.If you want to have the grip of a longboard, yet the responsiveness of a smaller skateboa... Read More »

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How to Perform a Unique Skateboard Trick?

This trick is quite cool looking and is great for beginners as you don't need to ollie, you just need good balance.

How to Ride Downhill on a Skateboard?

This will show you how you can avoid falling while cruising down a hill on a skateboard.

How to Ride a RipStik Skateboard?

RipStik is the brand name for the original caster board (a combination between a skateboard and a snowboard). There are two wheels that are mounted on two narrow boards called decks. The board gain... Read More »

How to Ride off a Curb on a Skateboard?

Riding off a curb is a very easy trick to do, it just requires practice. Once you get it, you'll be using it in almost everything you do!