How to Create a Turban With a Towel to Dry Wet Hair?

Answer Follow these steps to dry your hair faster after showering.

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How to Make a Towel Turban?

If you have long hair, it's mightily annoying to have your towel spontaneously unwrap and let your dripping hair get everything wet. We all have those towels that have seen better days, lost their ... Read More »

How to Twist a Towel Turban(Without Stitching or Cutting)?

Have you ever wanted a quicker way to towel dry hair? Ever wanted a towel turban but didn't want to ruin a perfectly good bath towel? Here's a way to make a towel turban without cutting or sewing/s... Read More »

How to Put on a Turban to Dry Your Hair?

DO NOT THROW YOUR HEAD DOWN TO DRY YOUR HAIR!!!! Tossing and twisting your beautiful locks, damages the cuticle and changes the natural texture that works to your advantage. If you have extensions ... Read More »

How to Do a Hair Turban?

People have many reasons to cover their hair, ranging from religious or cultural traditions to chemotherapy, personal style or simply toweling off after a shower. Among the many head coverings avai... Read More »