How to Create a Theme for the BlackBerry 8310?

Answer The BlackBerry 8310 comes with the standard themes that all BlackBerries come with. To really stand out and personalize your BlackBerry 8310, create a custom theme for each screen. In just a few mi... Read More »

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How do I set up sms& mms for the Blackberry 8310?

Setting up SMS and MMS on a Blackberry 8310Locate and click the text bubble icon; the words SMS and MMS will display across the bottom of your screen when this icon is highlighted. Click the BlackB... Read More »

How do I open a Blackberry 8310?

Turn the Blackberry phone off. Turn the phone over and apply downward pressure to the back to remove the battery cover and the battery. Pry the back panel out by using a screwdriver. Insert the tip... Read More »

Can you watch TV on your Blackberry 8310?

There are a few ways to watch TV on a Blackberry Curve 8310. These include using the SPB TV application and downloading TV to the device to watch offline using the Media Player. The Media Players ... Read More »

Difference Between a BlackBerry 8300 & 8310?

Though there are few differences between the BlackBerry 8300 and 8310, it is worthwhile to be aware of which model has the features that fit your life and is available to you.