How to Create a Sundial for Second Graders?

Answer Second-grade students can learn about telling time and about the Earth moving around the Sun by making and using a sundial. A simple and inexpensive sundial can be made using a stick, some rocks an... Read More »

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How to Design a Sundial?

In any given room, you probably have an army of devices barking the time at you: computer, cell phone, television, radio, and kitchen appliances. A sundial is a reminder of the natural simplicity o... Read More »

How to Make a Sundial?

A sundial is an ancient device for measuring time by using only the sun and its shadows. Making a sundial can be an enjoyable learning experience. Whether for fun or for a school project, you can f... Read More »

Analemmatic Sundial Directions?

An analemmatic sundial is one in which the shadow of a vertical rod is cast on a horizontal ellipse. It differs from sundials with horizontal dials and triangular gnomons, or ones with tilted dials... Read More »

How do you make an equatorial sundial?

An equatorial sundial sits at an angle equal to the latitude of its location so it is parallel to the Earth's equator. The gnomon is the part of the sundial that casts a shadow on the front or back... Read More »