How to Create a Subtle Makeup look?

Answer A subtle makeup look allows you to enhance your beauty without the harsh obviousness that excessive makeup applications offer. The most beautifully applied faces are those where the makeup does no... Read More »

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How to Wear Subtle Makeup?

Want to wear makeup but your parents won't let you? Want to look natural but not over-the-top or noticeable? Discover how to be sneaky with your makeup while still looking beautiful. Just be sneaky!

How to Do Natural Subtle Makeup?

Give the illusion of a natural face by strategically applying your makeup. This subtle style may seem simple to do, but it can be tricky, since women tend to want to see the results of a makeup app... Read More »

How to Do Subtle Volturi Makeup?

The "Twilight" book series focuses on the main character Bella, a human in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen. In the latter books of the series, this love affair draws the attention of the Vo... Read More »

How to Create the Cat's Eye Look with Makeup?

Creating the cat's eye look by creatively applying makeup will give your eyes a provocative appeal and draw people's attention to those "windows to your soul." Almost anyone can wear this look to g... Read More »