How to Create a Strength Only Pure on Runescape?

Answer Ever wanted to be a person in bronze with like 80 strength at 50 combat and hit 15s+? Read below and you'll figure out how to create one.

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How to Create a F2P RuneScape Strength Pure?

A strength pure is an account focused primarily on the strength skill while keeping other non-essential skills at low levels. The goal is to develop an account with a lower combat level, but retain... Read More »

How to Create a Non Member Strength Pure on RuneScape?

This article's accuracy is in doubt. See the discussion page. Please fact check, edit, cite references and remove this notice when the article has been improved. You may also comment on the discuss... Read More »

How to Be a Strength Pure Pk'er in RuneScape?

This is going to be a tutorial showing you how to be an awesome PK(player killer)er!

How to Make a F2P Strength Pure on RuneScape?

Do you want to own in the PvP worlds on Runescape? Well this is the article that you need to read.