How to Create a Song on the Guitar?

Answer So, you and your friends have started a band, and you play the guitar, and they're depending on you to create some sort of awesome riff. Here's the problem. You don't know what to make!

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How to Learn a Song on Guitar?

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How to Write a Guitar Solo for Any Song?

A guitarist soloingMaybe you're writing a song, or maybe you want to spice up someone else's. Here's how to write a decent sounding guitar solo for any song.

Is it illegal to have your guitar tabs like another song?

No. It is not illegal to write music that "sounds like" another song.Hell, you can take a riff exactly and you'll still be good.

How to Learn a Song on the Bass Guitar?

Sometimes when you are learning a song on bass, it can be hard to learn it and there are no tabs on the internet, especially if you don't listen to mainstream music. This is a way to learn songs on... Read More »