How to Create a Sneaking Suit?

Answer Sneaking suits, made famous by Metal Gear Solid, are effective ways of protecting yourself in combat and moving silently through urban areas. The Sneaking Suit described in this topic is based off ... Read More »

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How to Create a Simple Ghillie Suit?

How to make a simple Ghillie Suit out of a long-sleeved green shirt (or hooded sweaters) and green pants. This is for forest/woodland camouflage. I wouldn't suggest using this for anything professi... Read More »

I need a cute background that would suit the wall letter decors I'm going to create?

If you want to look different and beautiful, then their is best idea as i tried it first and it was awesome, You should wear tailor made clothes according to your size and style,. Now a days some f... Read More »

What is the best way for sneaking up creaky stairs?

Try and keep your feet as close to the edges as possible, the creaks tend to be in the middle!

Sneaking out with an alarm system?

when you disarm nearly any burglar alarm at the keypad, the keypad will make noise to confirm that you disarmed or armed it. This noise can only be silenced on some systems through the programming ... Read More »