How to Create a Simple Table in Microsoft Word?

Answer This is how to create a simple table in Microsoft Office Word 2007. This can be used to easily create spreadsheets, calendars, tables, and much more.

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How to Create a Table in Microsoft Word 2007?

Inserting a table in a Microsoft Word document can be a lot easier than trying to insert text areas in a spreadsheet application like Excel. Creating tables of various sizes and styles in Word is a... Read More »

How do I create a table of contents in Microsoft Word 2007?

Apply Word formatting styles to the headings at the beginning of each paragraph or main point. For example, a paper titled, "My Favorite Books" might have the "Title" style applied to the "My Favor... Read More »

Microsoft Word, simple problem need help?

If you haven't already show the rulers[above the RH scroll bar there is a little box "View Rulers"] Click on it. The LH side of the top ruler has â–¼(upper [first line indent]) â–² (lower [left i... Read More »

How do I create a table in Microsoft SQL?

Create & Use DatabaseWrite a command to create the database you want to use for your table if you don't already have one. Highlight the command and execute.CREATE DATABASE NewDatabaseMake sure you ... Read More »