How to Create a Simple Neopets Lookup?

Answer A simple, clean Neopets user lookup will give other users a better first impression of you and let you organize your about me text, links, and images easily on the page.

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How to Code a Lookup on Neopets?

Don't you get so jealous when you see other people's amazing user-look-ups? Now you can have one too.

How to Create a Lookup Table for Access?

Microsoft Access has many useful features that are fairly easy to use once you understand how the program works. For example, you can add a lookup field to an existing table in Access. This feature... Read More »

How to Create a Neopets Account and Pet?

Neopets is an online game located at It can be very entertaining as long as you play wisely. In short you are going to learn how to create an account and a neopet. Let's get started.

How to Create a Successful Petpage in Neopets?

Creating a petpage is very fun and it makes you more popular! Having a petpage could also lead to some freebies from fans! It's also very rewarding, it gives you a good feeling about yourself!