How to Create a Ringtone With Nokia Composer on the Cell Phone Itself?

Answer This article is mostly intended for those people still operating the old Nokia cell phones, such as Nokia Series 32 and some of the Series 60. It is now obvious that most modern cell phones have dr... Read More »

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What is your cell phone ringtone?

i used my micrphone recorder and farted into it. now, whenever someone calls, my phone "farts"

What ringtone do you have your cell phone set on?

I have 3.....The funeral march when work calls.Wedding song when wife calls.and Theme from Good Times when friends call.

What is the ringtone on your cell phone right now for incoming calls?

I have 3Dirty Little secret by All American Rejects for my "normal calls"The Reason by Hoobastank (sp?) for my bf's calls because its the first song we ever slow danced to.Satisfaction by The Rolli... Read More »

What's your mobile (cell phone) model and What is your RINGTONE?