How to Create a Retail Company Logo for Free?

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How do I create a company logo in Photoshop?

Getting startedChoose "File" and "New." The "New File" dialog box opens. Choose "1024 X 768" from the "Preset" option bar. Choose "Transparent" from the "Background contents" options menu. Click "... Read More »

Where can I create a free logo?

When you are trying to market yourself and your company, you eventually need some type of logo. With the all the expenses involved in marketing, you most likely will try to find quality graphics wi... Read More »

Free Logo Creating Software that i can use to create for my games?

Some good ones I know

How Does a Logo Help a Company?

A logo provides a quick first impression of your company, products and/or services. A professionally developed and designed logo helps your customers retain a positive image of your company's quali... Read More »